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Canning College is situated on Marquis St, Bentley (adjacent to Curtin University) and is easily accessible by bus, train, car or bike. The College has many services and facilities to ensure students are given every chance to succeed. There are no additional charges for the services.

    • What can I do if I am having difficulty with my subjects?

      Speak with your teacher to find out what you can do to improve. Visit the Learning Centre in the Library where you may be able to get help with some of your subjects.

      Perhaps the subjects you have chosen are not appropriate. Pay a visit to the counsellor or one of the student advisors who will be able to give you some advise on how to achieve your goals.

    • I am not sure what to do once I leave the College. Can I get career advice?

      At Student Services you can ask to do the "Career Voyage" program with an advisor. The program is used by many career advice agencies. It will allow access to computer software which will enable the advisor to suggest career pathways most suited to your strengths and interests.

    • Can I get advice on university courses and pathways into university?

      Yes. Student Advisors have a wealth of experience in the various avenues into university, the courses offered at the different universities and the prerequisites needed.

    • Are Canning College courses linked to any university?

      Yes. Eligible students can link the Canning College WAUFP component with the preferred university and course under Streamline Visa Processing arrangements which Canning College has with The University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University.

    • What is the difference between the January, April and August intakes for the WA Universities' Foundation Program (WAUFP)?

      January Entry: This is a standard one year program that is completed in November. Results and confirmed university offers are issued by mid December. Students commence university at year one level the following February.
      April Entry: Accelerated seven month that is completed in November. Results and confirmed university offers are issued by mid December. Students commence university at year one level the following February.
      August Entry: This is a standard one year program that is completed in the following May. Results and confirmed university offers are issued by mid June. Students commence university at year one level in July.

    • What accommodation options are available?

      Accommodation options are provided based on students' age at the time of enrolment (i.e. under or over 18 years of age), and the dedicated accommodation staff at Canning College's Student Services will assist with this. As Canning College enrols a number of students aged under 18, it is important that the accommodation arrangements comply with the requirements of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). Further information about accommodation options are available here.

    • Does Canning College accept forecast results?

      This is applicable for student applications from countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, where forecast results are attainable prior to the release of actual results. For students from other countries, where applicable, the trial or preliminary exam results may also be accepted. Canning College will issue conditional offers for these students and when the actual results are released and are deemed to satisfy the course entry requirements, a revised letter of offer will be issued.

    • Does Canning College offer scholarships?

      A range of Western Australian government Department of Education and Training academic awards are offered to top students entering the Foundation or Year 12 WACE programs. Scholarships are also available for entry into the Certificate IV in Higher Education Preparation Studies (Commerce Stream) and Diploma of Commerce programs. For more information please click here.

    • Can I change my timetable?

      Students wanting a timetable change will need to speak to an Advisor to see if it is possible.

    • Is there a bookshop at the College?

      Yes. The bookshop is located in Student Services.

    • I play a musical instrument. Is there anywhere I can practice?

      The College has a music room containing a piano. You are more than welcome to bring in other musical instruments. The college has many talented music student enrol every year and there is a music club which meets with a qualified music teacher to explore different instruments such as the drums, variety of guitars, keyboards, percussion etc.

    • What sport can I play at the College?

      Sport and recreation play an important role at Canning College. There is a fully equipped gymnasium and recreation centre. The facility provides an indoor basketball court, 4 indoor badminton courts,  an indoor volleyball court and a futsul court. Students have the opportunity to use the courts informally for casual games or they can participate in organised competitions. We have in college basketball, futsul, Badminton and table tennis tournaments spread throughout the year. From these matches we choose teams to compete against other colleges. If we do not offer the sport you would like we can help you find a local club that will.

    • Can I get a report on my son's or daughter's progress?

      Parents can access their child's results via a simple process outlined during Orientation.  For further details, please contact Student Services at