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Computers, Charting and the Stock Market


Capture the opportunities in today's market

The stock market is currently experiencing very interesting times. Some commentators are saying that this is the perfect time for a person who wants to build wealth to enter the market as prices start to recover. To buy at these low prices and build a nest egg for the future. Others say there is more to come.

One thing for sure, timing is everything! Picking the best time to enter and exit the market is the key to building wealth.

How do I find out which is the best time to enter the stock market?

One of Canning College's most successful short courses is called "Computers, Charting and the Stock Market". It provides easy step by step learning is a "no nonsense" practical way. The course teaches students how to recognise changes in trends and read the signals generated by various indicators. As a result, you will be taught to recognise changes in market sentiment in time to capitalise on the changes to the market environment.

The course is run by two lecturers who are both there at all times to assist. Both are experienced stock market traders, with a combined experience in the market of over 60 years.

How often does the course run?

The course has been part of Canning College's curriculum for over 15 years and classes are almost always full. It can run in two formats:

The content of each course is identical and whether you attend one or the other is a matter to suit your availability and your lifestyle.

What does the course cover?

You will learn the skills of Technical Analysis - the study of market action using charts. You will learn to interpret the signals generated and yhow to make investment decisions based on changes in trends. The course is very comprehensive and deals with each of the following:

  • Setting investment objectives
  • How to develop a strategic investment discipline
  • Implementation and portfolio management disciplines (stock selection, tactical considerations, stop loss management, breakouts and risk assessment)
  • Monitoring, review and benchmarking
  • Retracements, Fibonacci Lines, measured moves
  • Moving averages, trend bands and Bollinger Bands
  • Reversal and continuation patterns, head and shoulders, double tops, triangles, flag and pennants and gaps
  • Indicators, divergence, price oscillator, RSI, Stochastic, MACD, On Balance Volume and Percent Price and Volume
  • How to build a scan, how to scan the entire market for opportunities and how to find stocks that offer "opportunity".

Each class is 'hands-on' and students each have the full personal use of a college computer for the duration. The software used throughout is exclusively IC Investor. If you already own this software, it is an ideal time to become familiar with it and discover the wide variety of functionality it provides. If you own a competitive software package, the course is a generic one and the techniques you learn can be applied to most of the popular charting packages available on the market. If you do not own a software charting package at present, your experience at this course will provide you with the information you need to fully evaluate the features offered by the various software packages available on the market.

What does the course cost?

The cost of attending either is $395.00. This includes a full set of easy to read and understand notes detailing the lectures precisely. PLUS you will also receive a CD containing all data used in the classes and each of the exercises. You can use this at home revise and practice the lessons on your own computer and enhance your learning experience. This CD runs on the course software, IC Investor which is available for purchase through the College at a substantial discount for students.

Who would benefit from attending this course?

Most people who do the course have an interest in the stock market and simply want to hone their skills so they can develop a second income stream from trading. Indeed, we have a significant number of ex-students who have given up successful careers and professions to become full-time stock market traders.

Our reseach shows that people who have attended the course were seeking:

  • A useful knowledge base to assist in managing their own superannuation.
  • The ability to make informed predications about future movements in the share market.
  • The confidence to be able to discuss their requirements on a more equa’ footing with brokers and investment advisers.
  • Confidence of trading directly on-line without the expense of using advisors.
  • The freedom that can come from giving up work to earn a living as one of the thousands of successful traders who now are working the market full time.
  • A useful, second income to supplement existing wage or retirement income.

What some past students have said

Over the 13 years the course has been running, one of its features has been the enthusiastic response from those who participate. So high is the level of interest that frequently students arrive up to an hour beforehand to talk to the lectures and practice the lessons from last week. Many stay in contact and frequently refer their friends and relatives.

Interestingly enough, many people travel from all around Australia to do the course because they tell us that there is not another similar course in the country that is so comprehensive and at $395, such good value.

Here are a few unsolicited comments we have received in just the last 2 years:

Ms A A
South Perth February 2017

Excellent instructors, very knowledgeable, clear explanations and good course content.

Ms S M
East Victoria Park February 2017

Don and David were fabulous presenters and made the subject matter interesting and clear. I would be keen to learn more in the future.

Attwell WA May 2016

Very good course that I would recommend to anyone interested in trading stocks.

Canning Vale May 2016

Thanks Don and David for the excellent guidance throughout the course. You were very supportive.

Harrisdale WA March 2016

Many thanks to you and David for a truly excellent 8 weeks. I found it very informative, helpful and indeed exciting.

Maylands WA March 2016

Thank you once again for a great course. Your expertise and enthusiasm was great. I look forward to trade on the stock market and hear more advice from you both.

Beckenham WA March 2016

Many thanks to you both for going beyond the call of duty in accommodating Sam and myself in the February/March course of Charting and Managing Stocks using IC Investor. My only regret is that I had not attended your course last year. I am enjoying your bulletins.

Do I need to know anything about the Stock Market?

The simple answer is no, although it is fair to say that more than 50% of students have some understanding of how the market functions. During the course, you will learn about stock market dynamics and develop an understanding of the psychology that drives it.

Would you like to talk to someone who can explain the course in greater detail before you commit yourself?

Call Student Services at the College on (08) 9351 5600 to have all of your questions answered. If you like they can organise one of the lecturers to call you personally to explain any aspect that you are unsure of and answer any questions. There is no obligation and no pressure.

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