How music and sport helped Kevin’s studies

How music and sport helped Kevin's studies.

Kevin has made the most of his time at Canning College since joining the Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program in 2022. He has studied hard and still found time for music, sport and enjoying the Perth lifestyle.

The Myanmar student is hoping to enter The University of Western Australia after his final exams.

Watch the video to find out more about Kevin’s life in Perth and what he enjoyed about studying at Canning College.

New Principal for Canning College

New Canning College Principal Leila Bothams, pictured left with Chair of the Board Jesvin Karimi, will lead Canning College's push to continue providing pathways to university for international students.
New Canning College Principal Leila Bothams, pictured left with Chair of the Board Jesvin Karimi, will lead Canning College's push to continue providing pathways to university for international students.
New Principal Leila Bothams, left, with Chair of the Board Jesvin Karimi

Experienced educator is the new Canning College Principal

Ms Leila Bothams has been appointed Principal of Canning College.

Leila, one of the Department of Education’s most senior and experienced secondary school principals, has extensive educational management experience in international settings. For 10 years, Leila was Principal of one of Australia’s leading schools, Rossmoyne Senior High School, and she has worked as a Director of three education districts.

Leila’s appointment coincides with a recent Department of Education decision to reintroduce local students to Canning College.

She is looking forward to the challenge of building on the College’s successful history.

“Canning College is a centre of excellence and, under my leadership, the College will continue as Western Australia’s leading school provider for international students, whilst opening enrolments to selected local students who wish to pursue a senior secondary education pathway,” she said. 

“I believe that such change will only further enhance the College’s reputation as one of the nation’s best international schools.” 

Leila has many fond memories of the Canning College campus and its facilities. 

Her connection goes back to when the College site was known as Bentley Senior High School. Leila completed her secondary schooling in classrooms that now form part of Canning College and, early in her career, returned to Bentley Senior High School as a teacher of English. 

She has returned to Perth from her most recent role as Director of Education in the Goldfields, the largest education region in Western Australia.

Adelfo Sabatini spent 14 years at Canning College.
Adelfo Sabatini spent 14 years at Canning College.

Leila replaces Adelfo Sabatini, who had been the acting Principal following the retirement of Wayne Axford last year. Adelfo spent 14 years at Canning, starting as Head of Science before his promotion to Deputy Principal in 2014. He moved into an Acting Principal role in 2022 before retiring in 2023.

Congratulations and farewell

Congratulations and farewell to the Mid-Year WAUFP class of 2022-23.
Congratulations and farewell to the Mid-Year WAUFP class of 2022-23.

Congratulations and farewell to Mid-Year students

Congratulations and farewell to our 2022-23 Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program students, who have completed their studies with Canning College.

The Mid-Year group consisted of 17 students from Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines. May Myat Noe completed her studies online and all other students were with us in Perth.

Summer Ting, who is from Malaysia, was the overall top student, and also won subject awards for Mathematics Applications and Human Biology, which was shared with Kefira Lotik.

Valedictory speech

Valedictorian Junette Sim, who is from Singapore, spoke of the friendships made and the welcoming environment that helped students to settle so quickly.

“Friends, our journey through Canning College has been marked by challenges and triumphs,” she said. “We have faced difficult exams, burnt through midnights and juggled countless assignments. We’ve also experienced unforgettable moments and formed lasting friendships.

“As we leave Canning College and embark on the next phase of our lives, we will undoubtedly face new challenges and opportunities. But let us remember the knowledge and skills that we are equipped with, which will enable us to navigate through these challenges and seize opportunities… let us look forward to the future with optimism and determination, knowing that we have the power to shape our own destiny.

“As we move forward, let us be guided by our aspirations and our values. Let us be bold in our ambitions and humble in our approach. Whether we pursue further education in business, science or the arts, let us be openminded and curious, willing to learn from others and explore new paths.”

Junette also thanked teachers and staff for their support throughout her study journey.

Principal’s words

Principal Adelfo Sabatini thanked the students for their commitment to studies and the college.

“We’re sad that we’re going to see you go but we’ve had these wonderful experiences with you, and we will cherish those memories,” he said.

“You brought your own perspectives. You brought your own culture; your experiences and you enriched our lives. You would’ve faced many challenges in your time here, but you rose to those challenges. You adapted to a new language, new cultural norms and you handled all of that.”

He urged students to keep in touch and to return to Canning College in future to let staff know about their progress.

Mid-Year journey

The Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program students started at Canning College in July last year. They will complete final external exams before taking the next steps on their career journey.

Most students will choose to start their university courses next semester either in Western Australia, in other parts of the country or overseas. The WA Universities’ Foundation Program is recognised by Australia’s top universities, including the prestigious Group of Eight.

Award winners

Overall Top Student – Summer Ting (Malaysia)

Accounting and Finance – Fung Siu Kei (Hong Kong)

Chemistry – Summer Ting (Malaysia)

Computer Science – Aung Phone Hein (Myanmar)

English Language and Australian Cultural Studies – Kefira Lotik (Philippines)

Human Biology – Summer Ting (Malaysia) and Kefira Lotik (Philippines)

Mathematics Applications – Summer Ting (Malaysia)

Mathematics Methods – Aung Phone Hein (Myanmar)

Physics – Brendon Chua (Malaysia)

Enrolling now for 2023-24

Canning College is enrolling new students for the 2023-24 Mid-Year WA Universities’ Foundation Program. International students interested in completing their secondary education with us and achieving entry into a top Australian university can find out more about the application process here.

For further information, explore the content on our website or email us at

Canning College is a Western Australian State Government education institution that has been delivering programs for international students since 1982.

2023 news Mid Year Summer

Kefira’s life in Perth

It took WA Universities’ Foundation Program (WAUFP) student Kefira just a few months to feel like she belonged at Canning College.

The Filipino student, who has also studied in Malaysia and New Zealand, will sit her final Mid-Year WAUFP exams in May before heading off to university.

Watch the video to find out more about Kefira’s life in Perth and what was so rewarding about studying at Canning College.

Ly’s study experience

When Sreypov, who is also known as Ly, completed her final year of High School in Cambodia, she chose Canning College on her pathway to Murdoch University. But what does she like most about her study experience? Watch the video to find out.

International Guide ready to download

2023-24 International Guide - it has all you need to know about studying at Canning College

International Guide: All you need to know

Canning College’s new International Guide is ready to read online. It has everything international students need to know about our pathway-to-university programs, how to apply and why studying in Perth is a great choice.

This comprehensive 44-page International Guide provides detailed information to help prospective students – and their parents – choose the right Canning College program to take international students on their pathway to university.

Our programs have helped thousands of international students enter Australia’s best universities – including the five institutions here in Perth, Western Australia.

Check out the International Guide to find out more about our connections to Western Australia’s excellent universities, testimonials from former students and how we provide the care, support and attention to make it easier for students to succeed at university.

And, if you’re a current or former student and you took part in one of our official photoshoots over the years, you might even see yourself in the pages of the International Guide.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in becoming an international student at Canning College, check out the International Guide or send us an email at

Download the International Guide, or try our 12-page Brochure for some key information regarding Canning College and our programs.

Get ready for your Australian study experience

The blue boatshed is one of the things you might like to visit on your Australian study experience.

Getting the most out of your Australian study experience

Being away from home as an international student can be challenging for a young person. But it will also be one of the most exciting times, too.

As we’re approaching the beginning of 2023, we have gathered some useful information to help students settle in at Canning College here in Perth, Western Australia.

No matter who you are, where you are from, whether you’re a new student or are continuing with us, we’ve got you covered!

FIVE things to prepare before leaving your home country –

  1. Book your flight
  2. Organise your accommodation
  3. Make a list and start packing
  4. Have a browse about Perth, Western Australia
  5. Embrace and enjoy your Australian study experience

1. Book your flight

Perth is a popular summer destination and with international students returning to Western Australia’s sunniest state it is very important that you have booked your flight in advance. It is best not to leave it until the last minute to lock in your flight.

Keep in mind that you might need some extra time to settle into a new place before you start with us. It is worth considering a flight that arrives a few days before the start of your study period.

Make sure you have these documents before you book your flight –

  • Passport – You must have a valid passport for at least 6 months prior to your arrival in Australia. Print a couple of hard copies of the information page in your passport in case of an emergency.
  • Visa – You must have a valid visa for entering and studying in Australia. Have your visa documentation and Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) ready before you fly.
  • Proof of vaccination – From 6 July 2022, you are no longer required to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination for travel to Australia. However, we encourage all travellers to be vaccinated for their own protection. You might want to check the requirements of your airline and any countries that you are transiting through as they may have vaccination requirements.

Please note that masks are still required for international flights to Australia.

Let Canning College know your arrival time in Perth and we can arrange a free pick-up service from the airport to your accommodation.

2. Organise your accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can be tricky, which makes it important to make this a priority. Do your accommodation research properly and confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Things to consider when choosing accommodation:

  • Location – Think about the distance from your accommodation to college and check on the transportation options here: Transperth. Also keep an eye out for local shops along the road like supermarkets, restaurants and pharmacy.
  • Price – Know your budget and always confirm the total cost and any other expenses you may be required to pay, such as a bond and utility fees (water, electricity etc) and ensure they are included in your accommodation agreement.
  • House rules and agreements – You are legally obliged to keep your place clean and pay your rent on time. You also have the legal right to feel secure in your property, and to live in accommodation that is well maintained. Make sure you are aware of any rules and agreements before you signed the contract.

On-campus accommodation is available at Unilodge Vickery House and nearby at St Catherine’s College Curtin.

Find out more: Student Accommodation and University Housing Perth | UniLodge Perth

You can also access other accommodation options, including private rentals and shared living.

If you are under the age of 18, and you will not be staying with a family member, you must stay with a homestay host under the Australian Homestay Network (AHN).

Once you have confirmed your accommodation, make note (address and contact number) of where you will be staying and let your family know. You are also required to inform Canning College as your education provider of your residential address and keep us updated if you have moved or changed contact details.

3. Make a list and start packing

Pack your things slowly to make sure you do not miss a thing. Imagine if you forgot to bring your power plug adapter for your electronic devices to be used in Australia? You will be able to buy a new one here in Perth, but you could have saved your time and money if you had your packing list prepared.

Here are some guidelines to help you work on your packing list –

  • Important documents – Gather all your documents in one safe place and have a copy of each packed somewhere else in your luggage. Even better to leave an extra copy at home with your family in case of emergency.
  • Essential items – Bring with you all the basic things that you need at least for the first week of your arrival. Check with your accommodation whether you’ll have to bring your own stuff like bed sheets, towels, toiletry, cutlery, etc. Cards and electronic banking are widely used but it’s a good idea to have some Australian currency, just in case.
  • Personal belongings – You might want to bring along your favourite things like most-loved jeans, comfy shoes, favourite pyjamas and items you don’t want to leave behind. Depending on when you arrive, you might need to pack something warm for the cooler autumn and winter months.

While working on your packing list, please check the Australian customs and biosecurity regulations here: Australian Customs and Biosecurity FAQs – Tourism Australia. There are some prohibited goods that you must declare when entering Australia. The penalties for breaches of rules can be very severe. 

One general rule is that if you are in doubt, it is better to declare the goods. These restrictions relate to food, herbal medicines, weapons, products from endangered and protected animals plus many other items. Also note that not only are passengers and their baggage checked but also parcels sent by mail from overseas. Your family needs to know what can and cannot be sent to you. Find out more about what you can bring into Australia (

The blue boatshed is one of the things you might like to visit on your Australian study experience.

4. Browse Perth, Western Australia

Have a look at the city of Perth, Western Australia. Searching online is a great way to help you get a better understanding of the city, the people, their lifestyle, the weather and the food. Visit the StudyPerth website here: to find out more about international study in Perth. You can visit to see what activities are taking place in Perth.

Don’t forget to visit our website to familiarise yourself with your soon-to-be second home. Follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel (@canningcollege) to stay updated.

5. Embrace your Australian study experience

Once you have arrived in Perth and have completed settling into your new accommodation and surrounds, let the adventure begin. Remember that you are not alone. Aside from the friends you will make at Canning College, there are thousands of international students in Perth and the locals are extremely welcoming, too.

As our office is open for most of the school holidays, you can even come in to see us at the College before orientation. Once you know how to get here it will make it very easy to find us on your first official day.

Welcome to the Canning College family. We’re sure you’ll have a wonderful journey ahead.

Settling in for a successful future

Anh Pham’s learning experience at Canning College was a big help in her successful transition to university studies.

“There were always teachers and friends at school that gave me a sense of belonging and safety,” the Vietnamese student said. “I felt like I was being welcomed all the time. In Australia, I got used to using English to talk with my international friends and I got used to the way people think and work here. So, adjusting to uni life wasn’t too difficult for me.”

After two years at Canning, Anh, who is from Ho Chi Minh City, is now in the second year of a Pharmacy degree at Curtin University, where she continues to rise to the challenges of international study while looking towards a successful future.

“I’m enjoying it right now,” she said. “Even though the course can be difficult, the experience I’ve had along the way is what makes it worthwhile.”

Smooth adjustment

Adjusting to life in Australia can be both challenging and rewarding, and Anh is grateful for the time she spent at Canning College. Through the encouragement of teachers, support staff and fellow international students, she quickly felt comfortable in her new environment.

“When moving up to Foundation studies, the teaching quality and the knowledge that I gained from those units actually helped me in my first year in university,” she said.

Anh started Canning College’s Year 10 program in 2019 before teachers recognised her ability to tackle a more challenging program.

“Coming to Australia to study in Year 10 was when I was only 15 years old and it was scary at first,” she said. “But the teachers actually helped me adapt to the environment and I studied well. The interactions between students and teachers helped me get more confidence and the international friends I made during my studies also helped me a lot.”

Eager student

Head of Science Tony Herbert said Anh was a great student who was eager to perform well at school.

“It was clear very early in her time with us at the Canning College that she was a very capable student,” Mr Herbert said.

“She was enthusiastic to learn and it was clear from her early assessments and tests that she would benefit from moving into Year 11 without completing the Year 10 program. We had no doubt that she would perform very well in the Year 11 program and that was the case.

“Anh completed Year 11 and then studied the WA Universities’ Foundation Program, which was her pathway into Curtin University.”

Looking towards a successful future

The WA Universities’ Foundation Program is a popular choice for international students seeking entry into universities across Australia.

Aside from the excellent Western Australian universities, students can also use their WAUFP results to enter interstate institutions such as the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney.

In Anh’s case, teachers recognised her ability and were able to ease her through her studies more quickly, meaning she saved time and money on her pathway to university.

Student fun on big day out

Students explored new – and some not so new – activities during our Student Experience Day in September.

Thanks to the support of StudyPerth, more than 100 students took part in four separate activities.

Students chose to attend Perth Zoo, Bounce activity centre, tenpin bowling or mini-golf.

It was a lot of fun, as you can see from the video.