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Comfortable, safe housing

Love where you live.

Where you stay during your studies plays a big role in creating a positive educational experience. This is even more true if you are living and studying away from home for the first time. Canning College makes sure you are comfortably and safely housed so you can focus on your studies.

Additional support

An Accommodation Officer is available through Student Services to provide extra support when searching for suitable accommodation.



Homestay accommodation provides students with a secure, family environment through a Host Family. Students under the age of 18 at WA Government education institutions are required to use the homestay services provided by Australian Homestay Network (AHN). The services can be accessed by students and education agents at Homestay accommodation is located on convenient bus routes with travel time around 20-30 minutes from Canning. Host families provide meals, access to the internet and a place to study, and assist with everyday needs such as laundry and cleaning. Students are encouraged to join the family in their routine where appropriate (for example, at mealtimes) to improve English skills.


Comfortable on-campus accommodation at Vickery House is available to students over the age of 18. UniLodge at Curtin University – Vickery House offers various single-storey six and eight bedroom fully furnished units. Each unit has a communal kitchen, two bathrooms, lounge area and dining table. Each bedroom has a single bed, wardrobe and study desk. The units are walking distance to classrooms, the library, shops, and transport. When it’s time to unwind, students can visit the music room, enjoy pool or table tennis, and relax in the common lounge area.


Students over 18 years of age and who want independent living arrangements can rent accommodation facilities. Most students who choose this option share with other students; sharing arrangements may involve two to six students. There are numerous rental properties within close walking distance of the College. The College Accommodation Officer will provide you with help and advice regarding this type of accommodation.


If you have a willing family member close to Canning College, you can also stay with them. This must be a direct relative over the age of 21. If you’d like to stay with a family member, the arrangement must be approved by the Department of Home Affairs. 

Extra care for under 18s.

Canning College takes particular care to ensure students under the age of 18 years have appropriate arrangements made for their welfare and accommodation, as required by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. This includes the Principal assuming the role of guardian of all under 18 students who are not living with a relative.

All accommodation arrangements must be approved by the College and parents of students, prior to arrival. Any change to accommodation arrangements must be negotiated with Canning College and be made with the approval of the student’s parents.